A new way to reduce your impact on the environment

For the environment

90% of our income goes directly towards our climate projects around the world. Whether it's planting mangroves in Madagascar or constructing offshore windfarms, you can rest assured your money is going where it's needed the most.

For online stores and services

The design of Netzero allows you to integrate carbon offsetting into your checkout process. You have the option to use our built-in integrations or interact with our API to harness the benefits.

For customers

Using one of our built-in integrations provides your customers with a seamless way to offset their carbon emissions. Choose whether you or your customer pays for the offset.

Your questions answered

It's simple, 90% of our income goes towards our climate projects around the world. The remaining 10% is split between payment processing (2.5%) and infrastructure costs (7.5%). We take pride in being one of the few sustainability companies that can reach these figures.

Planting trees and helping tackle the climate crisis is our top priority. We publish our finances every month for total transparency.

The Netzero service can work using our API directly, or through one of our integrations, in any kind of store or service where there is a measurable carbon footprint. Say you operate an online store that delivers products to customers. We can calculate the carbon dioxide emissions using the origin (where the package is being sent from), the destination (where it's going to) and the weight of the package. This allows us to accurately predict the carbon footprint for any delivery.

The logistics industry is very harmful to the environment due to the inevitable inefficiencies of moving around millions of parcels per day. By using Netzero you can drastically improve your own business impact on the environment.

It's worth mentioning that many delivery companies are trying to address their own carbon footprint, but even large logistics companies are only committed to reducing their carbon emissions by ~30%. We can help you do better.

We've taken data from as many sources as we can to create a conservative and realistic way of calculating carbon emissions. We calculate weight in kilograms, distance in kilometers and we make several assumptions in how the package is being transported. We're aware we'll never be 100% accurate so we add ~33% onto the distance of a package to help in eliminating any margin for error. This should cover the indirect route a package typically makes during transport.

As an example, we assume a package travelling for 160km or more will have some of its journey inside a larger commercial vehicle (such as a lorry), whereas a more 'local' delivery is more likely to be covered by a regular commercial van. The total distance will affect how much carbon we predict will be emitted into the atmosphere.

As a general rule, we estimate between 50 - 120g of CO2 emitted per metric ton of freight per kilometer.

Despite the best efforts of logistics companies, carbon emissions in this sector are on the rise. We feel there is an opportunity to enact real change and have a positive impact on the environment.

We aim to plant billions of trees in the coming years. This isn't enough to reverse climate change but we hope other companies will be inspired to make their own changes and become carbon-positive.

We use a subscription-based model to remove the payment processing fees on each carbon offset. Were we to do a per-transaction model, there would be a 25p/20ยข transaction fee before the offset. Instead, we take payment at the end of your chosen billing period for all the offsets purchased by you or your customers. This maximises the amount of money we can put towards our climate projects.

You can cancel your subscription at any time but you will be charged for the current usage period. Subscriptions can be created, cancelled or changed in your dashboard.

Put simply, no. Which may seem odd given what we're trying to achieve. But, there are limitations to being a charity that don't fit with our goal. For example, we may apply for private funding to help us grow.

Aside from the above, we operate as a charity. We publish our finances, project data and other figures every month for total transparency. We have no plans for the company to change hands or change from its original intended purpose: planting trees and reducing your carbon footprint.

In future we may create and operate a charity alongside Netzero. We not only hope to plant trees to help combat climate change, we also want to provide places for people to enjoy the trees we've planted and the countryside we've helped preserve.